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10 New Songs with a bonus track available for download! 

This album will take you on a musical journey of Love, Possibilities, Hope Connectivity and the experience of seeing your world from a different perspective, a place of inner power and the world of possibilities. Encouraging us all, "It's never too late."


Breathe in the Essence of life

Transformation music Duo, Pippi Ardennia & Daniel Leahy, have released Breathe is up and ready to download, ten of their original works meant to inspire healing & expansion through thought-provoking lyrics & soul-piercing melodies, plus a bonus track!  They've recently entered in the John Lennon Songwriters Contest. Subscribe and we'll keep you posted on the outcome!

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© 2019 All Breathe music and lyrics written by PIPPI ARDENNIA AND DANIEL LEAHY

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