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Songwriters. Performers. Inspired Speakers and Creators of Transformational Music. 


"Breathe in the Essence of Life"

Transformation music Duo, Pippi Ardennia & Daniel Leahy, have released Breathe is up and ready to download, ten of their original works meant to inspire healing & expansion through thought-provoking lyrics & soul-piercing melodies, plus a bonus track!  They've recently entered in the John Lennon Songwriters Contest. Subscribe and we'll keep you posted on the outcome!

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10 New Songs with a bonus track available for download! 

This album will take you on a musical journey of Love, Possibilities, Hope Connectivity and the experience of seeing your world from a different perspective, a place of inner power and the world of possibilities. Encouraging us all, "It's never too late."

Check out our GoFundMe link as we are raising funds for post production of Breathe, click here

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